Fix Your Heartburn For Good

While heartburn medications are meant to be a short-term treatment, Dr. Brandon Millick and the Schneck Surgical Associates Heartburn Center offers permanent solutions for heartburn and GERD symptoms. These procedures are minimally invasive and very safe. Stop suffering or avoiding the foods you love.

Start by asking your primary care physician for a refferal or call our office to schedule a consultation.

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What Can Be Done to Treat Heartburn?

Dr. Brandon Millick has years of experience helping patients who suffer from heartburn and GERD. Dr. Millick is one of only a few surgeons in a multi-state area qualified to perform the LINX procedure for heartburn relief. He has completed nearly 1000 robotic cases at Schneck. He has the knowledge and experience to find the right heartburn treatment for you.

Karen's Story

Karen Werskey says she should have gone to see Dr. Millick about her heartburn and reflux issues a long time ago. Karen has not had one incidence of heartburn since her surgery in December 2023. Watch the video to learn about her life-changing procedure.

Stop the Burn at Schneck Surgical Associates Heartburn Center

You don't have to live with heartburn. Ask your family doctor for a referral or call Schneck Surgical Associates to schedule a consultation.

Call: 812-519-2388

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