The Value-Based Estate Planning Process Helps:

  • Clarify goals and objectives and develop an estate plan that reflects your values
  • Ensure financial independence
  • Provide for heirs in the most effective way
  • Reduce taxes
  • Redirect dollars going to the government to the causes you care about

We offer you the opportunity to have our Thompson & Associates advisor, Brian Cohoon, visit with you confidentially about your plan — with no obligation and absolutely no cost to you. Brian will personally guide you through a thoughtful process to help structure your estate plan according to your wishes.

Already have a plan? Because an estate plan is never final until its creator can no longer change it, Brian can offer an unbiased assessment. Changes in assets, interests, family situations, and tax laws necessitate regular review and updates to ensure that your values are protected as well as your valuables.

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The Weirs' Perspective

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How it Works*

Introductory Meeting:

An initial confidential meeting with you and Brian is arranged. If you choose to continue, you will meet with Brian 3 to 6 times in total to complete the process. He visits our community monthly.

Your Estate Planning Goals & Objectives:

After completing a simple questionnaire, Brian will work with you to help clarify your estate planning goals. Goals may include meeting financial needs for you, your spouse/partner, and heirs, including special needs situations. Planning also includes making tax-wise decisions in achieving your personal legacy and charitable goals.

Personal Philosophy Statement:

The information gathered will generate a Personal Financial Philosophy statement that confirms and restates your values and objectives.

Estate Asset Review:

The creation of a Net Worth Statement will aid in the development of your comprehensive estate plan. All information is kept confidential by Brian.

Plan Development & Review:

Using the Personal Financial Philosophy statement, Brian will present estate planning options that meet your personal objectives. Brian also meets with your professional advisor(s) if you wish to discuss the recommendations. You are welcome to invite your advisor(s) to attend your meetings with Brian.

Plan Implementation:

Now equipped with a framework, you are ready to work with your desired advisor(s) to implement your personalized values-based estate plan and enjoy peace of mind that your wishes will be honored and your loved ones provided for.

*Please note: Thompson & Associates does not draft legal documents, manage money, sell products, or ask you to make a gift.

Meet Brian Cohoon

Brian's experience in the financial and estate planning field started in 1992.

He brings significant experience in planned giving and charitable estate planning and helping advisors, supporters, and nonprofit organizations develop charitable estate plans.

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Brian Cohoon

"There is much more to having a will and naming beneficiaries. We suggest that everyone consult with Brian to learn about estate planning options. He has a very calming personality and professional demeanor, building confidence in the program. Use this as an opinion to discuss alternatives with your financial planner or legal representation, not replace them. In fact, invite them to join you for the closing session as a warm hand-off."

~ Gary and Cathy Meyer


Most likely, you have many questions. Hopefully, you'll find some answers here, but we encourage you to contact us for more information.

Absolutely nothing. Thompson & Associates is held on retainer to provide you with independent and unbiased advice. If your planning leads to the drafting and execution of estate planning instruments by your professional advisors (like your attorney), you will be responsible for those fees.

Nothing! You will never pay Thompson & Associates anything — directly or indirectly. Their services are a gift to you. Thompson & Associates does not benefit from their recommendations. You will use your desired professional advisors, including your attorney, insurance agent, and financial planner, to implement your plan. Thompson & Associates does not receive a commission or fee of any kind besides the retainer fee paid by Schneck Medical Center.

No! The Schneck Foundation offers the planning services of Thompson & Associates without any obligation on your part. We hope that if you choose to leave a portion of your estate to charitable organizations, you will remember the Schneck Foundation. Still, you aren't required to make a gift to benefit from the services. In fact, Thompson & Associates will never ask you for a gift.

Absolutely. We know that you probably support several organizations. We hope the planning process with Thompson & Associates will help you formulate a plan to give to all the organizations you love.

No. Your meetings and conversations with Thompson & Associates and the planning process results are strictly confidential. Thompson & Associates will only share your information with your permission.

No. The planning process begins with you stating your planning objectives. Thompson & Associates then leads you through a process of showing you ways to accomplish those objectives. You will decide how much to leave your heirs.

Yes. Thompson & Associates will guide you through a planning process, but your professional advisors are essential in ensuring your plan is best for you. While the attorneys typically do not sit through the meetings with you, they will be advised and asked to contribute to the plan (if you consent, of course). Most plans conclude with estate planning documents which your attorney will draft.

The planning process of Thompson & Associates allows you to take the time needed to thoughtfully develop and consider your legacy and estate plan wishes and options. Typically, there are 3-6 monthly 45 minutes to 1-hour meetings that take place in a convenient location or virtually via Zoom. But, because each family is unique, the precise schedule may vary depending on the level of complexity and individual circumstance. What's important is meeting your needs. Brian will take whatever time necessary to answer your questions thoroughly, and the outcomes match your wishes.

What you receive from the planning process depends mainly on what you need. You may need a knowledgeable person to brainstorm ideas, get confirmation that you are heading in the right direction, or need a complete plan. Whatever your situation, you will walk away from the planning process knowing precisely what you have, what you want to do with your assets after you are gone, and have an executed estate plan (by your own advisors) to accomplish your objectives.

You may be saying, "This sounds too good to be true. Why would anyone offer estate planning services at no charge?" We all live in this community. We all contribute to the greater good of the community in our own ways. Just as our supporters enjoy helping us achieve our goals of improving the health of our communities, we want to share a very valuable gift with you to support your financial health.

If you want to learn more or schedule an introductory meeting with Brian, contact Stephanie Flinn at 812-524-4239 or

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