FeNO Testing

What is FeNO Testing?

FeNO testing, or fractional exhaled nitric oxide testing, measures the amount of nitric oxide in the breath. It allows your healthcare provider to determine how much inflammation is in your airways. This is specific to asthma patients, given that airway inflammation is the primary cause of breathing difficulties.

A FeNO test is quick and easy. Your doctor will have you blow into a handheld device. The results are available immediately, and your provider will help you understand these results. Determining the amount of inflammation in the airways can help your provider make the correct diagnosis to create the best management plan for your asthma. The test is also used beyond diagnosis to ensure that your treatment plan is effective so that your provider can adjust accordingly.

If you are experiencing chronic respiratory symptoms and have not been diagnosed with asthma, or if you have been diagnosed and are seeking support with management, contact Schneck today.

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