Hernia Repair

What is Hernia Repair?

Hernia repair surgery is the recommended treatment for a hernia, which is when the contents of the abdomen protrude outward due to a gap in the muscular wall. You may be experiencing this condition if you see a bulge along the abdomen or if you are experiencing mild aching or pressure in the affected area.

Our surgeons perform surgery to repair the abdominal wall and prevent organ protrusion. There are two main options for surgery, including open hernia surgery and laparoscopic hernia surgery. The first involves cutting into the groin to access the hernia and close the abdominal wall with stitches. The second requires making small cuts in the lower abdomen to then close and reinforce the abdominal wall.

During this 30 to 45-minute procedure, you would receive numbing anesthesia. After surgery, most patients go home the same day and experience pain and soreness for the first 72 hours. You’ll receive pain medication and specific instructions to ensure the most successful recovery.

Schneck is here as your support system when you’re experiencing health concerns. Contact us if you have symptoms of hernia and we’ll set you up with one of our providers.

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