Nasal Surgery

Nasal surgery includes any surgery performed on the nose. This includes both in inside and outside of the nose. Nasal surgery is performed to treat conditions that affect the airflow of the nose, such as a deviated nasal septum. Other conditions include narrow or collapsed nasal openings, polyps, allergies, and even snoring.

Types of nasal surgery include rhinosseptoplasty, rhinoplasty, turbinate reduction, and septoplasty. The type of surgery performed depends on the condition treated. Each surgery varies in terms of what type of anesthesia is used, the length of the procedure, the risks associated, and recovery time.

The surgical team at Schneck are expert in advanced care for patients undergoing nasal surgery. If you or a loved one suffer from a condition or symptoms related to the nose, reach out. Our team will help you understand your surgical options.

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