Sports Physicals

What are Sports Physicals?

Sports physicals are essential evaluations usually required by school athletic programs and other organizations to ensure your child's safe participation in physical activities. These exams involve a thorough assessment of your child's health and a comprehensive review of their medical history. They serve as preventive measures to identify any conditions that might increase the risk of injury or health problems resulting from physical activity. Sports physicals are a collaborative effort involving parents, healthcare providers, and coaches, aimed at promoting safe involvement.

To ensure your child's well-being and compliance with sports or physical activity requirements, schedule a sports physical with your primary care provider at Schneck. These exams provide valuable information about your young athlete's health and help create a safe and supportive environment for their sports participation. Don't hesitate to take this important step to safeguard your child's interests in athletics. Schneck is here to assist you in this process.

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