3 Important Reasons to Get Your Preventive Health Screenings

| Preventative Care

Just like your car needs oil changes in order to keep running, your health requires routine maintenance. Preventive health care screenings are simple check-ups that doctors provide to keep your body working at its best. And, since most of them only happen once per year, you need them less often than an oil change!

However simple, these check-ups are crucial to your overall health and shouldn’t be overlooked. Check out three reasons why preventive screenings are so important.

1. Early Detection Saves Lives

In any situation, a problem detected early on is easier to solve. And that applies to your health! Routine health exams—like a yearly physical, for example—give your doctor a chance to find potential risk factors such as high blood pressure or a concerning mole. Then, they can provide a solution before the risk factor becomes a heart attack, skin cancer, or any other dangerous issue.

2. Stay Healthy, Inside and Out

Preventive screenings cover concerns you can see, as well as those you can’t. Your doctor can check for:

  • Skin, colon, and other types of cancer
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol
  • Mental health needs
  • Weight concerns
  • STDs
  • And more

Your needs will depend on your age, sex, and medical history, but your doctor will help determine which screenings make sense for you. Talk to them about any concerns or questions you have! And, if you’re worried about the cost, most insurance companies help cover preventive care.

3. Take Control of Your Health

Nervous about what your results might be? That’s perfectly normal! But that’s also why screenings are so important. Preventive screenings offer valuable insight regarding how your body is functioning. If there is something to be concerned about, your doctor is there to answer questions and guide you through your next steps. The more you know about your body, the better you and your doctor can take care of it.

The experts at Schneck Medical Center are here to help, and it all starts with a simple screening. Talk to your doctor and schedule your preventive screening today!