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Unfortunately, too many of us know exactly what a migraine is. They are often but not always one side of the head and tend to throb and pulse as they get worse. Many people experience nausea and vomiting, while others are very sensitive to light and sound leading them to have to lie down in a dark quiet room. However, there is hope. Kim Robertson, neurology nurse practitioner at Schneck Specialty Associates explains why she is so excited to see migraine sufferers in her office.

“As a migraine sufferer myself, I can absolutely relate to those patients who come in with migraines. And, I know how much the new targeted medications can help.”

Kimberly Robertson, AGACNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner

When Kim meets a new patient with migraines she starts with her “Migraine Cheat Sheet”. It provides both alternative treatments such as supplement recommendations and frequent triggers and causes of migraine. There are also reliable websites for more information that can be trusted, since there can be misleading information on the internet. There are also recommendations for phone applications that are helpful for tracking symptoms.

Certain foods, drinks, sleep disturbances, and stress can be a real issue. By tracking some of these variables many times we find the culprit. “For me, I know that if I have a glass of red wine I will get a migraine. But now that I have the proper treatment I can take my medication prior and not have any issues. Certain foods and drinks can be a real problem for some. The weather changes we experience in this area also can contribute. “

The good news is that the new migraine medications ae making a real difference for migraine sufferers. These medications target CGRP (Calcitonin gene related peptide) which is the key to treating migraine. These medications include orals such as Nurtec, Qulipta and Ubrelvy, and monthly injectables such as Emgality, Ajovy and Aimovig. Schneck Specialty Associates also offers Botox and Vyepti which are both treatments that are taken every 3 months. “I’ve had patients respond beautifully to the treatments saying they were able to get back to work and they have their life back. One patient in her 70’s stated that ‘for the first time in my life I know what it is like to be pain free”.

Before 2018 these newer medications were not available so Kim encourages patients who haven’t sought treatment for their migraines to go back for a second look at treatment. “It feels very good to be able to help migraine sufferers. I would love to help you find a solution that works for you. It is amazing how well some of these medications work.”

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Kim Robertson

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Kimberly Robertson AGACNP-BC

Kimberly Robertson is a nurse practitioner who specializes in Neurology. She joined Schneck Specialty Associates in February of 2022.