Bunions are bony lumps that occur on the inside of the foot just below the big toe and are caused by long-term pressure on the joint. The physical makeup or the way an individual walks can cause bunions. Some individuals have them on one or both feet. Standing for long periods of time and improperly fitting shoes can cause pain in the area, making living with bunions difficult. Signs include difficulty moving the big toe, hammertoes, and thickened skin (corns or calluses) due to rubbing on shoes.

Bunions form over long periods of time and usually are diagnosed by a podiatry provider observing the foot. Although sometimes X-rays are utilized to check for joint damage. Bunions do not go away on their own but there are some home remedies, such as taping, bunion pads, wearing shoes with wider toe-boxes, or special orthotic devices that can help mitigate pain. Bunion removal surgery is also an option in some cases. Work with your podiatry specialists at Schneck to understand if you have bunions and how to properly care for your feet.

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