Hammer Toe

What are hammer toes?

Hammer toes refer to a foot condition in which a toe becomes deformed and appears like a “hammer”. This occurs when the second joint of a toe points upwards instead of flat. Hammer toes can be hereditary, as certain people are more likely to develop them, but most are caused by wearing high heels or improper footwear.

Hammer toes can be painful, especially if the toe is no longer able to be moved. The tendon in the toe can become tight and an individual may notice pain in the ball of the foot when trying to stretch the toe. Corns and calluses may appear on the toe due to extra wear on the toe. Treatment includes therapies such as taping, padding, surgery, and custom shoe inserts or orthotics.

The podiatry team at Schneck specializes in foot deformities such as hammer toes. Mobility is critical so it’s important to take good care of your feet. Contact the team at Schneck to receive help for hammer toes or other foot-related issues.

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