What is Menopause?

Menopause, the lack of menstruation for a full year, signifies the conclusion of one's reproductive period. Prior to this, the perimenopause stage typically begins in the 40s, characterized by a gradual transition with reduced estrogen production, causing menstrual changes and symptoms like hot flashes. Then in the menopause stage ovulation and menstruation cease, often confirmed by a healthcare provider after a year without a period. Postmenopause commences after a year without menstruation and may bring symptom relief but elevate the risk of health issues due to reduced estrogen levels.

Schneck provides vital support for individuals navigating menopause, addressing their unique needs and concerns. Our dedicated team offers guidance on symptom management and overall health during this transitional phase. With specialized care and resources, we aim to enhance well-being and ensure the necessary assistance for a successful journey through related conditions like a hormone imbalance. Reach out to Schneck for expert support throughout your menopausal journey.

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