Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema therapy is used to address and treat lymphedema, a condition that causes excess lymph fluid to build up in the arms or legs. It most often occurs in people who have damage to their lymph nodes either from a condition (primary lymphedema) or from the removal during surgery to treat another condition such as breast cancer (secondary lymphedema).

Lymphedema does not have a cure but certain therapies have been proven to reduce the swelling and associated symptoms. Wrapping and compression through bandages or specialty clothing encourage lymph fluid to drain through pressure. Manual lymphatic drainage involves massage to aid in drainage. This is either performed by a certified therapist or there are also techniques an individual can do themselves. Exercise is also encouraged to promote drainage through the movement of the extremities.

The first step to treatment is diagnosis. Work with the team at Schneck to understand if you or a loved one have lymphedema. Our team will work with individuals to create unique lymphedema treatment plans and therapies.

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