Vagal Nerve Stimulator

What is a Vagal Nerve Stimulator?

Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) is a type of neuromodulation that involves implanting a device to deliver gentle electrical impulses to the brain via the vagus nerve. This therapeutic approach can support individuals experiencing frequent seizures by reducing the number of occurrences. With VNS, swiping a magnet to abort seizures is a capability that can help caregivers provide support, giving patients and their families a stronger sense of control.

Receiving care at Schneck Neurology means partnering with a team of specialists well-versed in VNS. Whether you are contemplating this treatment for epilepsy, post-stroke recovery, or another seizure-causing condition, the dedicated professionals at Schneck are here to help. Rely on our expert team to lead you through the procedure with personalized care.

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