Schneck Guild Volunteers

Who Are Volunteers?

Volunteers are very special people.  They provide resources far more valuable than most people realize. They choose to help others by giving of themselves. Here are some of the roles volunteers participate in: 

Volunteer Activities

As a not-for-profit organization, Schneck Medical Center relies on volunteers to assist staff in completing many daily tasks allowing staff to spend more time providing patient care.

Be Part of a Team

The volunteer program at Schneck Medical Center is a team effort. As a volunteer, you are one of many dedicated individuals with similar goals and achievements. This not only gives you support and flexibility, but also allows you to make new friends and meet new people.

Adults of any age may become hospital volunteers And, there are opportunities for teenagers to become "junior volunteers" during the summer. To be considered a junior volunteer, you must be 14 years of age and have completed the 8th grade. Visit our junior volunteer page at the link above to download the application packet and learn more about the program.


Sign Up to Volunteer 

The process to apply is simple. Contact us to give us your information and how you would like to volunteer. If you have a special talent or could make an impact with another area of expertise, let us know! Our Volunteer Manager will be in contact within a few business days to discuss available opportunities. 

An important note for Junior Volunteer applicants and parents: the online Contact Us form link above is intended for adults who are interested in volunteering beyond just the summer. Call (812) 522-0439 or visit the Junior Volunteer page if you have questions about your child becoming a junior volunteer.