Bed-wetting is the common term for involuntary urination while asleep. It’s also known as night-time incontinence or nocturnal enuresis. Bed-wetting is typical for those under the age of seven as bladder control is still being developed. However, if bed-wetting continues it may be the sign of a deeper condition. Causes of bed-wetting include a small bladder, hormone imbalance, urinary tract infection, sleep apnea, or diabetes.

Bed-wetting can be a very emotional issue for a child and their parent so it’s important to be sensitive to the issue. If bed-wetting continues to occur after the age of seven, seek help. There are several treatment options, such as moisture alarms, medication, and lifestyle remedies that a provider may recommend. If you're concerned about your child, reach out to the team at Schneck.

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