Prenatal Care and Delivery

What is Prenatal Care and Delivery?

Prenatal care promotes a healthy pregnancy and delivery by ensuring early and regular healthcare for expecting mothers. By seeking care from services such as Schneck OBGYN, women can take necessary steps toward a healthy pregnancy, such as developing reproductive life plans, increasing folic acid intake, and managing medical conditions.

During the first trimester, prenatal care focuses on establishing the due date, discussing medical history, and physical exams. Lifestyle issues, nutrition, and discomforts of pregnancy are also addressed. Visits are scheduled about every four weeks and may involve shorter appointments, with the possibility of hearing the baby's heartbeat and undergoing ultrasounds.

While labor and delivery experiences vary, Schneck’s supportive staff helps families understand the typical progression and discusses delivery plan preferences. These experiences help expectant parents prepare for this important stage, prioritizing the well-being of both mother and baby.

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