Pelvic Pain Management

Pelvic pain refers to pain caused by a medical condition or injury that occurs in the pelvic region of both women and men. Pelvic pain can feel like anything from a dull ache to sharp, radiating pain. To manage the symptoms of pelvic pain there are a variety of therapies and treatments available.

Treatment depends on the root cause and intensity of the pelvic pain. Providers will run a series of tests and scans to understand the underlying issue causing the pain. Once the cause of the pelvic pain is understood providers may recommend medications, physical therapy, or surgery to resolve the pelvic pain.

Some pelvic pain, such as pelvic pain caused by pregnancy, will resolve itself once the cause of the pain is over. However, if you or a loved one is experiencing pelvic pain, don’t suffer alone. No matter the underlying cause, the team at Schneck can determine the best next steps to ensure pelvic pain is managed or treated.

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