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Receive Quality Care When It Matters Most

At Schneck Cancer Center, we provide support every step of the way because we want to take some of the stress out of seeking care. Through prevention, screening, diagnosis, and beyond, we'll be by your side. Our knowledgeable staff serves to help patients take ownership of their health.

Expert Cancer Care Close To Home

To support individuals in their journeys, we have a devoted Cancer Center where our talented team works with the latest technology for screening and diagnosis. It's really important to us that every person who walks through our doors knows that we're here to help them own their health. We see patients for who they are, not just their medical charts. Give us a call to find encouragement and care at Schneck.

Cancer at Schneck

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"If I'd have let it wait for another 6 months, or so I would have had a whole different outcome. I would say this was the best place to possibly be... I couldn't have had better treatment."

Richard Russel | Schneck Colon Cancer Patient

Screenings Save Lives

Early detection is the best way to prevent and treat cancer which is why screenings such as mammographies and CT scans are essential. Our providers will discuss risk factors for cancer with you and create a specialized screening routine that meets your unique needs. Prevention and early treatment are always our top priorities at Schneck. Take ownership of your health. Call to schedule an appointment.

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A patient chats with his healthcare provider about what screenings he should have regularly.

Self-Care Means Self-Checks

Prioritize your breast health today by adding self-checks and an annual 3D mammography to your self-care routine. Get technologically advanced screenings and receive world-class treatment from Schneck's knowledgeable staff. Call to schedule an appointment.

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Care for Your Colon

Taking preventative action is one of the best ways to prioritize your health. Schneck's expert providers encourage patients to get a colonoscopy so they can screen for colon cancer and other concerns such as polyps. You should receive a colonoscopy every 10 years if you're over 45 years old. Early detection is essential for effective treatment. Always keep your health top of mind. Call to schedule an appointment.

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Schneck's Cancer Care Providers

Our providers specialize in cancer treatments and offer world-class care.

Dr Jordan Maryfield

Jordan C. Maryfield, MD

Medical Oncology, Hematology View Info »

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Your health is yours and we're here to help you own it. Take control of your journey with support from Schneck's providers. Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

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