Neck Pain

Neck pain (also called cervicalgia) occurs in the region below the head and above the shoulders and can be caused by injury or a medical condition. Neck pain can feel like a dull throb, burning, or a sharp, radiating pain. Along with the pain, an individual may experience associated symptoms such as a headache, difficulty turning their head, stiffness in the shoulders and upper arms, and a numbness that radiates from the region.

Neck pain is most commonly caused by injury, strain from poor posture when sitting or sleeping, worn joints, stress, and age. It can also be a symptom of medical conditions such as meningitis, arthritis, and cancer.

Treatment options depend on the severity of the pain, how long it has persisted, and the root cause. Providers will run a series of tests to understand the reason for the neck pain and recommend a course of action. For short term neck pain, pain medication or muscle relaxers may be prescribed. For chronic neck pain, physical therapy and in some cases surgery may be necessary.

Neck pain is not something that you have to put up with. If you or a loved one is experiencing pain, reach out to the team at Schneck.

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