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Occupational Health

Advanced solutions for your occupational health needs including urine drug screenings, pre-employement physicals, CDL physicals, respiratory exams, methlene chloride exams, and other condition-of-employment exams.

Services Available Upon Request

We are ready to help. Contact Kelly Franklin Director of WellLife for more information.

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Pre-employment Testing

On-site Employer Services

Your location + our professionals + low cost

WellLife's on-site, fee-for-services are provided by Schneck's Corporate Health and Wellness Team and available for any employer that desires on-site wellness services for their employees. Employers do not have to be a contracted client of WellLife. Employers are charged per service.

Contact WellLife Director, Kelly Franklin at (812) 522-0138 for information on the cost of vaccinations, group classes, blood testing, health coaching, blood pressure checks, body measurement analysis, physical exams and more.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

A healthy, dedicated workforce is essential to keeping your business profitable. Identifying possible drug and alcohol abuse by employees can help reduce employee attrition, increase job satisfaction, improve overall morale, as well as protect your company by reducing your exposure to risk. Contact Denise Fleenor, Schneck Laboratory Services Outreach Coordinator, at (812) 523-7458.

Obtaining safe medical clearance to operate a commercial motor vehicle is the goal of the driver, the employer, and the medical team. Bringing the required documentation to your medical exam can make this appointment smooth and efficient. Learn more about what you need to prepare here.

Medical Examiner Form-Complete pages 1 & 2 prior to your appointment. Click here for the form.

If you are currently taking insulin, complete the Treated Diabetes Form.

Things to Bring- Pre-employment Exam:

Pre-employment History & Physical Form
Job description for potential employee