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The team at Schneck Anesthesiology works with the latest in technology and medications to ensure you have an excellent surgical experience.

You can rest easy during your surgical procedure knowing you are in the expert hands of the Schneck Anesthesiology team. When you arrive for surgery, you will meet your Anesthesiologist and your anesthesia plan will be fully explained.

Anesthesia works by blocking signals to the brain during a surgical procedure. Our Anesthesiologists work with several kinds of medications to make your procedure and pain manageable.

General Anesthesia affects the whole body. General anesthesia is for major surgeries, like abdominal (belly) surgery. You are asleep for these procedures and it takes a bit of recovery to wake up from this kind of anesthesia.

Regional Anesthesia,or a pain block, is used for specific parts of the body. It may be for a procedure on an arm or leg, or could be an epidural during childbirth. You may be awake but you will be comfortable your surgery. In some cases, the pain block can last for several days after the procedure

Monitored Anesthesia Care is a type of anesthesia frequently referred to as “twilight sleep." It is used for colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures. It is not as deep as general anesthesia, but you will be comfortable. It is fast-acting and easy to awaken from after the procedure.

The type of anesthesia you will receive will depend on your medical history and the procedure you are having done.

Advanced Pain Relief for Orthopedic Procedures

Schneck Anesthesiology and Schneck Orthopedics and Sports Medicine work together to ensure pain relief during and after surgery with pain blocks. Dr. Kris Williams and Dr. Kellie Park describe how a pain block works, how they are used and the benefits for patients

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Expert Anesthesia Care

Our experienced anesthesia team works to make your surgical experience safe and comfortable.

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Schneck Anesthesiology works with the Surgical Team at Schneck on inpatient and outpatient procedures.

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