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Schneck Infectious Disease

The infectious disease specialty consists of the treatment of all types of infections, including bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic causes.

Dr. Christopher Bunce is a fellowship trained infectious disease specialist with more than 25 years of experience in clinical practice. Dr. Bunce is committed to bringing the highest quality, most advanced healthcare to our patients. As a consultative service, patients are generally referred by their physician to help manage or diagnose an infectious disease. We work closely with the referring physician in the overall management of your case to ensure the best outcome.

Schneck Infectious Disease Provider

Patients are referred to Dr. Bunce by their primary care provider or specialist provider. We work closely with primary care and specialist providers to ensure a cohesive plan of care is maintained for patients.

"Dr. Bunce listens carefully to my concerns and takes the time to respond. He has a holistic approach to ensure that not only medical needs are met, but he also honors my social and emotional needs and values."

~ Nancy, Schneck Infectious Disease Patient

Schneck Infectious Disease Location

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Conditions & Treatments

Schneck Infectious Disease sees patients with various issues, including the following:

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