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What Is Menopause?

Menopause, characterized by the absence of menstruation for a continuous year, marks the conclusion of the reproductive period in a woman's life. This transition unfolds gradually over a span of time, encompassing hormonal shifts and changes in the body. While menopause is a natural phase, it can bring about physical and emotional transformations. Understanding and embracing this transformative process, with support from healthcare professionals, contributes to a more easeful and empowered experience during this stage of life.

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What Age Does Menopause Start?

Perimenopause, the transitional stage leading to menopause, generally begins in the 40s, followed by the onset of menopause in the early 50s. However, it's important to note that the timeline for each individual can vary. Menopause is a unique process that unfolds differently for each person, influenced by various factors. Awareness of this can provide reassurance as individuals navigate new changes in the body.

What Are Early Signs of Menopause?

The perimenopause stage, marked by a gradual reduction in estrogen production, often presents early signs such as menstrual changes, hot flashes, dryness and insomnia. As this transition progresses, estrogen levels decline more rapidly in the final few years. In the menopause stage, ovaries stop releasing eggs, and estrogen levels drop significantly. After menopause, relief from symptoms varies but can be associated with an elevated risk of health issues like heart disease and osteoporosis due to reduced estrogen levels. Moving comfortably through these stages is where expert care from Schneck comes in.

What to Do When Experiencing Menopause?

If you suspect you're entering menopause, seek professional care from Schneck Obstetrics & Gynecology. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through this transitional phase, addressing your unique needs. Discussing changes in your menstrual cycle with our providers is a helpful first step. Together, we can explore a range of treatment options, including hormone therapy, dietary changes and prescriptions, all tailored to you. Don't hesitate to contact us for expert support to enhance your overall well-being during menopause.

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