Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform many types of complex procedures with added precision, flexibility and control than is possible with conventional techniques. Robotic surgery is typically used in procedures using minimally invasive surgery techniques. Minimally invasive procedures are performed through tiny incisions at the surgery site. Surgical robotics can also be used during select traditional open surgical procedures.

Improving Clinical Outcomes

Schneck was the first hospital in the area to implement surgical robotics with the da Vinci Surgical System, which provides our surgeons with the clinical and technical capabilities of traditional open surgery while enabling them to operate through tiny incisions. This means we can offer you a faster recovery, lower infection rates, and a quicker return to your normal activities. Our surgeons use the da Vinci for the superior 3D visualization and the enhanced dexterity, precision, and control the system provides during surgery. By enhancing surgical capabilities, robotic surgery is helping to improve clinical outcomes and redefine standards of care here at Schneck.


The da Vinci Surgical System is providing patients with new, minimally invasive surgical procedures that offer significant advantages over traditional “open” surgeries including:
  • Fewer complications, such as surgical site infection
  • Less pain and blood loss
  • Quicker recovery
  • Smaller, less noticeable scars
Talk with your doctor to determine if robotic surgery is an option for you. For more information on robotic surgery at Schneck, call 812-524-3342 or email us.