Partial Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure that removes only the damaged portion of the knee joint and replaces it with a prosthesis. It is an alternative surgery to a total knee replacement. It is recommended for those suffering from joint pain due to injury or other joint-related medical conditions such as arthritis.

To be considered for partial knee surgery, an individual must have medial or lateral knee osteoarthritis (the degeneration of the joint). Those considering partial knee replacement surgery should first consider alternative methods like pain management, weight loss, and other physical therapies. Partial knee surgery is a great option for those that have tried these other methods but have not found relief from their pain.

Following partial knee surgery, patients should be able to move their knee the same day and have a shorter recovery time than those who have total knee replacements. If you or a loved one are considering surgery, reach out to Schneck.

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