What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a treatment that enhances communication and language skills, benefiting both children and adults. Whether you struggle with speaking, hearing, or using language effectively, speech therapy can significantly improve your quality of life. It assists in expressing thoughts, comprehending others, and even enhances memory and problem-solving abilities. Schneck’s rehabilitation services include tailored exercises and treatments to address unique needs, whether it's improving communication or enhancing language processing.

What Disorders Does Speech Therapy Treat?

Speech therapy is beneficial for individuals with various communication disorders and related challenges.

  • Articulation: producing certain sounds

  • Expressive: finding your words

  • Receptive: processing others’ words

  • Resonance: airflow impacts hearing

  • Fluency: disrupted speech flow

woman working with young boy both pointing at their chins

What Does Speech Therapy Consist Of?

Speech therapy involves playful activities for children and skill-focused exercises for adults. Activities include tongue and mouth exercises to strengthen coordination, facial movements to enhance motor skills, reading aloud to improve mouth and brain connection, and word games to boost cognitive function and thinking skills. Varied activities are recommended depending on the diagnosed condition.

What Is the Usual Duration of Speech Therapy?

The duration of speech therapy varies depending on factors like your age, the type and severity of your speech disorder, and whether it's linked to an underlying health condition. While some speech issues may naturally improve over time, others may require several years of therapy. The frequency of your speech therapy sessions also plays a role in determining the overall duration of treatment. Each individual's needs are unique, and therapy may continue until desired communication abilities are achieved.

woman working with young boy with alphabet cards

Your Providers

Discover if speech therapy could help by consulting with your primary care provider.

Let's Talk about Speech Therapy at Schneck

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