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Schneck Mental Health & Wellness

Schneck Mental Health and Wellness provides responsive, high-quality mental healthcare with the ultimate goal of restoring patients to an optimal level of health.

Mental Health challenges can significantly impair a person's ability to function and can negatively impact basic daily living, relationships, work, and one's overall quality of life.

The Schneck Mental Health and Wellness team consists of a board-certified psychiatrist, psychologist and licensed mental health counselor. Each member of our team adds special insight and experience in a variety of treatment options and counseling methods.

We understand accepting mental health therapy can be a difficult decision. There are times when life's problems can't be solved without professional assistance. Schneck Mental Health & Wellness can help.

Start by Talking with Your Primary Care Provider

The Mental Health & Wellness practice works from referrals. Your condition should first be brought to the attention of your regular medical provider. He or she can then determine if you should be referred to Mental Health & Wellness. Our experts review each patient's information prior to scheduling an initial appointment. To expedite the scheduling process, referrals are needed to get a complete picture of the patient and their condition. With your consent, your primary care provider will be kept up-to-date on the progress toward your goals.

Schneck Mental Health and Wellness Providers

Schneck Mental Health and Wellness provides expertise with compassion and understanding.

Schneck Mental Health and Wellness Location

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Conditions and Treatments

A wide range of mental health concerns are treated, including:

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