5 Tips for Selecting a Primary Care Provider

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What Is a Primary Care Provider

Primary care providers work with people of all ages to address concerns including acute illness treatment, routine immunizations, minor procedures, and more. If specific medical needs arise beyond the scope of general care, these providers may refer patients to specialists for additional support. Think of primary care as your first line of defense for your health.

Even if you feel perfectly healthy, keep up with primary care visits for preventative reasons. Services like wellness checks can benefit long-term health by catching signs of serious illness early on which is partially why primary care is important. Some health insurance providers offer rewards for individuals who maintain good health which is an added benefit of prioritizing preventative care.

Primary care providers can serve your whole family and can become familiar with your family’s health history. This allows them to develop a deeper understanding of your health as a whole concerning previous generations. Taking time to find someone who meets your family’s unique needs sets your loved ones up for success.

Where should you start? Finding someone to trust with the health of you and your family isn’t always easy. We’re breaking down our five recommended tips you can follow to fit a primary care provider you’ll enjoy visiting.

5 Tips for Selecting a Primary Care Provider

There are some key things to keep in mind when selecting a primary care provider that will be a good overall match for you. Make sure you focus on your needs and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

1. Get Recommendations

Visit with friends or family to find out if there are any providers that they’ve had success with. This can help you save time searching the internet for someone who may not be able to meet specific needs that the people around you are aware of. Be sure to still do your research on these recommendations as everyone’s needs are different.

2.Check Insurance

If you discover a provider who might be a good match, talk to your health insurance provider to determine whether the provider is in-network. Then make sure the provider’s office accepts your insurance plan so you don’t pay completely out of pocket. Also, sometimes insurance providers’ websites will share physician reviews so you can learn about patient experiences.

3. Consider Logistics

Think about the location of the provider’s office and note its distance from your home, workplace, or school. Also, visit the office and decide if you like the environment and the staff members. Find a place that is close by and makes you feel welcome and cared for.

4. Plan Ahead

Find out who you might have to rely on when your selected primary care provider is away. Look into other providers in the practice and learn what their professional experiences are. See if they can meet your needs should your provider go on vacation or fall ill. If you’ve already selected a primary care provider but are looking to add a backup option, your primary provider may also have recommendations.

5. Don’t Settle

Finding a primary care provider may seem overwhelming, but we work hard to make it simple at Schneck. We care about your health and happiness so if you’ve been working with a provider that isn’t meeting your needs, inquire about other options. It can be a hassle but it’s worth it to find a great care advocate.

Schneck has local primary care providers who can care for you and your loved ones.

Your Primary Care Providers

We're fortunate to have these skilled physicians serving at Schneck Primary Care.

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How Often Should You Schedule a Visit?

The frequency of your visits heavily depends on several factors including age and health condition. Keep in mind the importance of preventative care so getting into the routine of scheduling appointments is key. Consult with your primary care provider so they can assess your needs and make a personalized recommendation that will benefit you the most.

General Number of Visits Recommended by Age

  • 7 total well-child visits from age 1 to 4

  • 1 annual well-child visit from age 5 to 17

  • 1 annual wellness visit from age 18 & up

Maintain Good Health

At Schneck we’re glad to help you find primary care so you can enjoy life knowing there’s a provider who has your best interest at heart. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining the health of every patient. Contact Schneck Primary Care to learn more today

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